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Quote: Originally Posted by The Pook View Post
Does it do it if you run it at 120hz or 100hz instead of 144hz?

Obviously not ideal, but just to troubleshoot.
No luck with 120hz, 100hz or 60 hz on display port, I would turn the refresh rate down and then turn the monitor on to see if I could replicate those no signal or out of range messages and they still came back. However, I tried a HDMI cable and use 60hz and that worked fine.

I then switched out the hdmi cable for the display port cable at 60hz, turned the monitor off and on twice and my desktop came back like normal and then a second time I got the no signal message and had to unplug and replug the cable to the monitor to fix it.

Bumped the refresh rate back to 144hz, tried the same steps still same thing had to replug the monitor. I tried to reproduce the error on boot up and have yet to get no signal on boot up.. its so intermittent its hard to figure out... earlier today I booted up csgo to watch some of the major and I got out of range and I believe I had to either turn the monitor off and on and not have to unplug the cord that time.

I dunno guys is display port just wonky or is it just me? I wish my card had a dual dvi.. Almost positive I've always seen the motherboard splash screen though for what it is worth.

Edit: Could you possibly recommend a cable? I am using the below. I'd hate to buy a third cable, but I don't know.. the whole "vesa compatible" thing makes me wonder..


Thank you


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