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PCIe card help please, similar to auzentech prelude

Hey all, I have an auzentech prelude 7.1 PCI card in my old system, and love the sound but am having a hard time finding a PCIe replacement of the same quality. I'm currently looking at a few options like the ASUS Sound Card Essence STX II or the HT OMEGA eCLARO, with the outputs on the eCLARO being very similar to the auzentech, which would seem to be easier to use with my old Klipsch 4.1. As of right now, I cant get the rear speakers to work with any onboard audio regardless of the onboard setting (quadrophonic, etc).

The Asus has RCA outputs on the card I believe and a 4pin connection and that's where I run into issues with that card.

Do you guys have any suggestions I can try or how I can get the Asus to work with the Klipsch 4.1?

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