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Quote: Originally Posted by Karch View Post
Are the delid tools all the same? Do I really need to delid?

I’m running Prime95 right now. I am a very impatient person, so I don’t know how I can run it for 12 hours straight .

I ran the IntelBurn test for 20 passes and it passed at 4.5Mhz, 1.25V.

Currently into Prime95 for about an hour and 15 minutes and all four cores are below 60C at the moment. Of course, ambient is around 18C in the room, and I happen to have the two side panels open (not purposefully for this test, but I opened one to check a fan connector and the other to check cooler height clearance).

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I run the long tests overnight while I sleep. Also if i pass intel burn test then I rarely get no errors in the first few hours. If temps are ok and its stable then no you dont need to delid. Especially on older soldered chips.

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