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Quote: Originally Posted by Darren9 View Post
Is it a ProMedia? If not could you link to it please. I think it is a 4.1 but between the PC and the Klipsh is 4 full range channels, the Klipsh filters the sub-bass from the 4 full range channels it recieves and creates 4.1. You should set 4 speakers (Quadraphonic) in Windows sound.

Yes, it's the old school 4.1 ProMedia setup. In the Auzentech drivers (on the other PC) it's set up as 4.1 as there is an option for it, but in the Realtek software and windows sound settings, both set to quadrophonic. I just tried a 4.1 sound test but its still acting like a 2.1. There is an audible hiss coming from the rears but its very light, but no real audio.

This is the test I just tried:

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