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Quote: Originally Posted by Tjj226 Angel View Post
So first things first, stick with your motherboard for audio and forget the sound cards. Your motherboard can do everything you want just fine AND it is a pretty nice custom sound solution, so there isn't any need to upgrade.......for now ; )

Second off, we need to get your rear speakers working with your motherboard.

Here are the troubleshooting steps I would follow in order to get things working.

1: Make sure your any extra audio drivers for your motherboard are installed.

2: Make sure you are plugging your speakers into the right port. Be sure to consult the mobo manual here.

3: Make sure both your motherboard's driver software AND windows is set to run for 4.1 or most likely 5.1 (not totally sure here since 4.1 is a sort of odd ball standard).

4: Make sure you are using multi channel test tones from youtube or a known source.

5: make sure you have removed all other audio drivers from your hard drive.

Hopefully we can get you running fairly quickly.
Doublechecked 1-5, all pan out. I've never gotten this to work with any other motherboard either, hence why the Auzentech has gone thru 4 builds since purchase - that and it was a $250 sound card at the time. I'm stumped as to why the Klipsch wont work with any onboard sound motherboard I've tried to set it up with before just giving up and using the Prelude.

$$ for the Asus isn't a problem, and I know I'll be able (or SHOUD be able to use) it in future builds as well. I can say though, the audio from the board isn't bad by any stretch, but if I can't get the klipsch's to play with it, I'll have to get a card.

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