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[EnGadget] Congress oversight body recommends GDPR-style privacy laws

GAO's report heavily cited Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal as a prime example of why a federal-level internet privacy law is necessary. It also named a handful of other privacy concerns that became a lot more prominent over the past few years based on the agency's research. One of those is the rise in popularity of Internet of Things devices, thereby increasing the opportunities for security and privacy breaches. Another cause for concern is that automakers don't always clarify their data-sharing practices, which could become a huge issue for the increasing number of connected cars.

GAO also pointed out that there are no overarching laws in place to govern companies' collection and sale of personal information. Finally, it mentioned one of its old reports, which determined that people generally have no idea how their location data is shared and used by third parties.

Also see:

ZDnet: GAO gives Congress go-ahead for a GDPR-like privacy legislation

GAO: INTERNET PRIVACY: Additional Federal Authority Could Enhance Consumer Protection and Provide Flexibility, GAO-19-52: Published: Jan 15, 2019. Publicly Released: Feb 13, 2019.

Direct link to GAO report in pdf format.

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