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Quote: Originally Posted by trailer park boy View Post
I tried that with GTA 5,night and day difference...Hyperthreading off...GTA 5 stayed at a solid 80fps,maybe drop to 60FPS once in a while...Gsync fixes any screen tearing

Hyperthreading on... GTA 5 80FPS will drop to 30FPS,it studdered with my old monitor but my new one has Gsync so it dosent studder.. difference in temps too,5 or so degree's lower with HT off

Battlefield 5,i didn't really notice any real diiference,still got 90-100FPS with 75+ drops in FPS

Going to try no HT with Antham,,, im playing the 10 hour trial,ultra settings NO AA,cant get more than 40 -50 FPS with that game
Nice, glad you noticed a difference. This is why I made this thread
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