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Quote: Originally Posted by PrivotSponge View Post
Hi there,

In what applications/games do i have an advantage with very high ram clocks?

I testet 3333mhz 16-16-16/ 3600 mhz 16-16-16 and 3733 mhz 16-17-16 (not yet stable).

I always get arround 1900 Points in cb.
Timespy Bench remains also at ca. 8300 points.

Only thing which is better, is the aida memory test:

Raised from 52000 kbs read to 58000 kbs
Also latency is a bit better: 61,4 ns to 60 ns.

So where is my benefit?

Greetz Sponge

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One perfect example where you will see larger increases is games like ESO in cities with high player counts. These entities are tied to the CPU/Mem relationship more so than the GPU. ESO is one of the more extreme gaming examples where you can see gains of 30% FPS in this scenario. After tweaking the client a bit and moving from 2133 to 3200Mhz on my memory, the lowly 28-32 fps suddenly turned into 50-60FPS. Of which I can confirm 10-15 or so happened immediately after changing the memory settings. The rest came from optimizing the ini file to fully utilize the CPU/GPU. As I cannot control the operations of each player, there is also some margin of error in these estimates. But this is the biggest witnessed gain for me so far in any game that is repeatable to a degree.

There are other situations where you will not gain any FPS as well. When your CPU/Mem are pushing a GPU to 100% saturation and the game doesn't rely heavily on the CPU itself, you will see very little gain to even none.
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