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Those of you who successfully overclocked your dual xeon machines. Are you running a higher speed DDR3?

I have (2) X5680's and 24Gb of DDR3-1333 ECC. And the second I start bumping up the FSB my multiplier starts jumping around and any measurable performance gain is lost. Wonder if I should go DDR3-1600 or higher? At that point I think you loose ECC and so I'm curious if there are much if any benefits to be had here?

T5500 (same PLL)
(2) X5680
24Gb DDR3-1333 ECC (3x4gb) (3x4gb)
GTX 1060-6GB
Windows 10 Pro
Marvell Hyperduo running 4 EVO860s in RAID 10.
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