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Considering what kind of useless news there are here at times I do not think this big old issue YouTube still has is useless and should definitely be brought to attention again.

YouTube is screwing over good content creators, demonetization, getting left out of suggestions by algorithms. Yet YouTube has no problem of monetizing videos of minors that shouldn't be on their/any platform in the first place, let alone their fancy algorithm is so great that it recommends nothing but this kind of content very quickly to those interested in it. Sure many platforms suffer from this sooner or later and have to deal with it or have solutions in place from the get go. YouTube is a gigantic money machine at this point with no regulation over what data they accept, promote or sell. It is disgusting that after so long they still haven't done anything about it and instead they went after regular channels with sensible content. The only things that can force YouTube to make at least some impactful changes are: public outcry, laws/fines/shutdown until ample protections are in place, advertisers withdrawing their adds/money not because they don't want their adds on sensible topics of discussion, gun videos, videos with swearing, etc. but because they don't want their adds shown on videos exploiting minors, on inappropriate videos of minors, etc.
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