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Quote: Originally Posted by bigjdubb View Post
I didn't watch the video but I did read the article. I have noticed that YouTube tends to recommend videos from underage youtubers quite often. I'm not 100 percent sure which one of my watching habits triggers this to happen but the videos are never related to what I typically watch, it's always make up videos, clothes videos, or something along those lines. I assume this recommendation trend is because those videos are quite popular, even if it's for the wrong reasons. My guess would be that I end up getting these video recommendations because I do watch some channels that are Vlogs so YouTube starts recommending other vlog channels.

There is no way to control what someone is thinking when they are watching videos of kids doing innocent things, but they should be able to figure out if someone is uploading multiple videos of different children to a channel. Considering how many users there are and how easy it is to create a new channel, I really doubt they will be able to do anything about this. Parents face the same problem at the park or the public swimming pool, I think this fear is part of the reason so many kids end up living sheltered lives.
no clue, never once seen this content on the recommended videos for me. I get a bunch of tim pool videos, lots of national geographic wildlife stuff, anime stuff, and superhero/star trek/star wars stuff (plus video games). pretty much all I use youtube for actually, so it's got me pretty well nailed down.

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