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Quote: Originally Posted by Elrick View Post
They barely even provide any firmware updates for their keyboards, let alone anything for their mouse products.

Not peeved at any rate because Zowie has been doing it for years, in NEVER providing a single firmware update at all.
This is true, however Zowie from the beginning made it clear that their mice couldn't even take a firmware update. Ducky put out a firmware for the original Secret that fixed a couple issues (none of the important ones) and then pretended that the Secret and Secret M didn't exist until they announced the "2".

The bad thing is, the M sensor implementation is so bad that even with the tape fix it still creeps and crawls around trying to look for that "magical" 4-6mm liftoff distance.

So close to perfection, just ruined by a bad sensor implementation. It'd be one thing if this was a brand new sensor, but this is a friggin 3310, which was long in the tooth by the time the secret m came out. Just a bummer.

I'm only so bitter about it because the mouse shape and feel are absolutely amazing. But the sensor is trash.
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