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Quote: Originally Posted by boogdud View Post
So close to perfection, just ruined by a bad sensor implementation. It'd be one thing if this was a brand new sensor, but this is a friggin 3310, which was long in the tooth by the time the secret m came out. Just a bummer.

I'm only so bitter about it because the mouse shape and feel are absolutely amazing. But the sensor is trash.
It was their very FIRST mouse attempt hence I am far more willing to forgive them here quite easily (Zowie, not so much).

I LOVE their shape and their high quality Omrons and Alps Scroll Wheel, so it isn't a BAD mouse by any means but it isn't a 'Gaming Device' at all.

The PBT shell is still being used by me and I am refusing to get rid of it, simply because it's the best OFFICE mouse yet in my collection.
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