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Requesting Some Audio Advice Here? READ THIS FIRST!

Without knowing your music tastes and other needs (for example do you need a DAC, and what gear you are currently using), I would recommend a lower-end setup:

- Massdrop O2 + SDAC
- Schiit Modi + Magni stack
- JDS Labs stuff (The Element, Atom amp, OL DAC, etc.)
If we are talking about desktop use, I would put preamp outputs as a mandatory feature for the amplifier. Plugging your speakers directly to the amp/DAC makes your life easier while also giving all the DAC benefits to the speakers too.

- Sennheiser HD58X
- Hifiman HE-4XX
Personally I would go with HE4XX because they are planars (and I have the HE400 which they are based on). Planar is love, planar is life.

Ppl should learn to add more info to their posts when they ask for help...
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