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Which Vega 56 Bios Should I Use?

I have a Vega 56 getting delivered today. I am doing my prep work, and getting everything I need to overclock this sucker. If my card comes in with Samsung memory I already know which bios I am going to flash to, but if it doesn't I am not sure which Vega 56 bios I should use, I am currently torn between two options.

Stock Bios Socket Power: 180W \ TDC Power: 300A

Option 1 - Socket Power: 260W \ TDC Power: 300A

Option 2 - Socket Power: 222W \ TDC Power: 403A

Which would be more important when getting a good stable overclock. Socket Power or TDC Power?

Edit : Scratch this question, my new Vega 56 came with Samsung memory, so it is not a concern.

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