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Quote: Originally Posted by hotak View Post
I have my 2600X with PBO and 3266 CL14 b-die RAM, i got it completely stable under load with -0.1v offset on the CPU and 1.0125 VSoC, LLC 5 on CPU and 4 on SoC, but i have two problems:

-To also be stable in idle, i need to reduce the CPU offset to -0.08v
-Even with a 100% stable OC, a lot of times (like 30%+) Windows gets stuck during load, either by completely freezing or going on loading forever.
It gets stuck just before initializing the audio card (an ASUS Xonar D2X), if i hear the "click" of the card initialization, then i know windows will load.
I'm not sure this problem has to do with overclock, i don't remember about it happening some months ago, but i'm not quite sure about what triggered it (maybe BIOS update), already did a fresh windows install but it didn't solve the issue.
I have an USB 3.0 card in 1st PCI-E x1 slot, the VGA on 1st PCI-E x16 slot and the audio card in the other PCI-E x1 slot, in the BIOS i selected "CPU" on the PCI-E lines options because otherwise i'd only get x8 lanes on the VGA.

Anyone have any suggestion about disabling some power-saving options to be able to get the -0.1v offset stable?
And does someone have similar problems with windows getting stuck on boot?

Yes. Same here if i dont pull enough vcore windows stuck on loading screen or dont ever finish the load.

Its only lack of vcore. Yeah, in windows you are stable because XFR2 kicks in and will lower your frecuency according your load. It seem that on loading screen the CPU goes up to the maximum frecuency on your XFR2, so if you have a lazy core you got a kernel panic.

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