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Quote: Originally Posted by Crinn View Post
Pretty sure the DLSS profile is part of the driver, otherwise those of us without GFE wouldn't be able to use DLSS. Nvidia is probably just pushing GFE as a automatic driver updater again.

Right now it's part of either the driver or the games themselves, but beware that they didn't erase that paragraph I quoted from the Turing whitepaper, so once there is more than a handful of games (right now we have three games and one benchmark), they might try to bring it under the GFE umbrella by claiming that they can use the same Deep Neural Network model for more than one game, thus they would phrase this centralization as an efficiency measure to justify the move. It's a possible justification if you read the whitepaper and incidentally what some claimed back in August of last year to justify GFE handling DLSS profiles.

That's all assuming that they can turn the DLSS trainwreck around first and make it something worthwhile, otherwise people won't care whether or where it's available.

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