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Quote: Originally Posted by iNeri View Post

Yes. Same here if i dont pull enough vcore windows stuck on loading screen or dont ever finish the load.

Its only lack of vcore. Yeah, in windows you are stable because XFR2 kicks in and will lower your frecuency according your load. It seem that on loading screen the CPU goes up to the maximum frecuency on your XFR2, so if you have a lazy core you got a kernel panic.
So you say it's an instability at high frequency, not in idle, i tought the opposite because i cannot get it to crash on OCCT, any memtest or during gaming, but with offset at -0.1 it used to crash in idle sometimes.
Will try to simply increase LLC without touchuing voltage and then increase voltage with LLC 5 and see wich one solves the problem without sacrificing max frequency too much.

Do you think it's also worth to test changes with RAM and SoC or is most likely a vcore issue? RAM is stable with 2h memtest, but 3266 CL14 out of a quoted 3600 CL19 might not be the most safe setting.
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