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Quote: Originally Posted by Hwgeek View Post
S10 really nice device, but I have problems with non symmetric designs, I could not think about using such screen :-(.
Too bad they didn't go with the slider design- much better IMO and more fun to use.
As far as I’m concerned the Hole Punch desing may as well be the final evolution of the front facing camera.
It probably is the least invasive possible solution without compromising your camera or device durability.

Quote: Originally Posted by Serious_Don View Post
I've been asking for a folding smart phone for years now, but I personally want it to just have one half as a dedicated chicklet keyboard so I can use it as a mini laptop. I've never been able to type as fast on a smart phone as I could on my old sliding keyboard phone circa 2008.

Am I the only one that wants this??
Samsung should put a keyboard on the inside and have one continuous screen wrap around the other three flat surfaces.

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