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Quote: Originally Posted by Jedi Mind Trick View Post
Seems like a nice little card for anyone that does not want to spend the RTX money. I wonder what nV does if the GTX line sells well - are they going to keep splitting features out going forward?
Well the tuning cards have big GPU cores because of the extra tuning cores.
So they can't cost the same as the cards without them, and they are a bit of a wasted space if they aren't being used.

So it could be that nvidia will split the line, considering the tuning seems to not be as profitable and selling.
Making a high performing GTX line and extra feature more limited and higher priced RTX line.

It could be that currently they only made RTX in order to sell their new tech and in the hope that more developers use it. Once that is nailed down, they can split it up on the next release.

Of course they could stick with a split on the low range/high range. GTX to fight navi as the smaller cores without tuning will cost less to make, and RTX to fight whatever AMD is planing to bring next (if).

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