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So, it's on par with a GTX 1070, not bad, a bit better than I expected. The price was predictable and on 12nm and with a bigger die size we can't expect anything different at this point really. I'd say that Nvidia could probably have hit a $249 price point though, but they don't have to because there is no competition.

AMD on the other hand will have to lower the price on the RX 590. But they were probably expecting that too; the existence of that card at that price was more to promote the low price of the RX 580 after the mining cool down, at this point they'll have to position the two cards a lot closer and eventually phase out the RX 580 (they probably aren't making any anymore). Now, the pricing of Vega 56, that will be interesting to see, it's a bit faster, but can they afford to sell it for that low for an extended period of time? That would actually be a good sign in a way, which would signal that HBM2 is getting more and more affordable. My bet is that they'll run a few promotions here and there to keep the illusion and hurry up the Navi card that competes in this segment as much as they can.

Anyway, the GTX 1660 Ti is in my opinion probably the most solid card in terms of overall balance in the whole line-up. The price is not optimal, though, but that affects the whole line-up to varying degrees.

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