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Waiting for 7nm EUV
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Quote: Originally Posted by ZealotKi11er View Post
Sure but its also missing RTX. I would much rather have it even on 2060 level.

I wouldn't. DLSS is a trainwreck and ray tracing at 2060 level is an appetizer of an appetizer. Also, it comes with the same amount of VRAM, which makes it an outlier in its performance class - all other cards near it and even below it have 8 GB - the GTX 1070, 1070 Ti, 1080, Vega 56 and 64, thus making it a likely card to start showing problems in the future. It already does here and there in a game or two in the frame times.

Having said that, the truth is, I will simply skip everything made on 12nm, none of it is enticing enough, there are just some better than others. I'm waiting for AMD's 7nm Navi and Nvidia's 7nm line-up. That's where some really enticing jumps can happen - and with proper ray tracing capabilities too.

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