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Quote: Originally Posted by Hwgeek View Post
I don't see why to buy 1660Ti for for almost RTX 2060 price when with RTX 2060 you get BF5 (€59.99) or Anthem (€79.99)for FREE.

If you like those games, sure, but your mileage may vary. They both seem to be disappointing games for different reasons.

Quote: Originally Posted by epic1337 View Post
i just checked my local stores, they got the 1660Ti models priced too high.

for example:
$372 = Palit RTX 2060 Gaming Pro OC
$314 = Palit GTX 1660 Ti StormX OC

if we look at it in terms of perf/$ its roughly the same...

Yeah, the higher end 1660 Ti's don't make much sense, considering the high base price. It only makes sense like that MSI Ventus model, which is at MSRP.


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