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Quote: Originally Posted by Minotaurtoo View Post
generally if you set manual voltage is stays there... offset will, depending on the board, generally allow voltage to drop along with clocks... although, I've found over the years that even with the same board, different cpu's act differently... I had an 8350 that would actually do all turbo states and everything with manual speeds set for each, and offset voltages... but then I had a 9590 that would only overclock manually, any offsets or attempts to change turbo speeds, even via fsb overclocking, would result in a crash unless voltage was set manually and even then turbo had to be disabled to do it.... I got better all core overclocks out of it than I could single core... so to sum it up... it can get very strange with fx.... I'd pick a manual setting you like and just stick with it... fx cpu's are very durable and my old 9590 is still chugging along after being left at 1.464v / 5ghz it's whole life mostly, sometimes it was 1.5+ and 5.117ghz
Ok, understand it. Anyway, i would not go to manage turbo core frequencies or voltage. Too far above for my time and what i would like to do.
The off set, if i would like to use it, is only for the use of cool&quiet - energy saver mode but i don't even if i don't know about stability and so on.
Setting the 6th profile now saved.
Do u have any tips about the BIOS settings?

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