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Quote: Originally Posted by TekG View Post
Ok, understand it. Anyway, i would not go to manage turbo core frequencies or voltage. Too far above for my time and what i would like to do.
The off set, if i would like to use it, is only for the use of cool&quiet - energy saver mode but i don't even if i don't know about stability and so on.
Setting the 6th profile now saved.
Do u have any tips about the BIOS settings?

Honestly, I've had 4 different FX rigs (my son is using my last one) and they all acted different... it's a bit hard to make a blanket recommendation... but I never was able to get the cool-n-quiet to work unless I used a FSB overclock and voltage offset mode, while leaving multipliers on auto... this can be a bit difficult to tune in and turning up the LLC to very high or high to keep vdroop at a minimum under load can help.... On my first FX rig this was the easiest way to overclock it actually... I just set the FSB up to 220 and voila I had a turbo speed of 4.62ghz with base clocks around 4ghz... and at idle it would drop down to 1.54ghz... I was able to get higher base clocks by disabling turbo and raising FSB higher... This tactic might work for you, but it can be a pain... and vishera seemed a bit more finicky than first gen FX with trying to get the downclocking to work at idle for some reason... so I ended up just doing a full manual OC...

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