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Ahh cool, I maybe suffering from bad internal brain memory training that did not recall the menu being in other UEFIs , many thanks for PDF and +rep .

So far RT on same RAM setup as previous UEFIs with AGESA to allow 3400MHz without BCLK tweak is non issue for me.

1x full post test run


1x warm post test run


Currently on a RB run, then will fire up P95, Y-Cruncher and some [email protected]/bionic .

*** edit ***

Room ambient 23C, RB 29 of 60min, RB 59 0f 60min and final PASS screenie.


Done 2x PWM checks, one was between RT runs and another after RB, no issues.


3x AIDA64 (Set to NUMA in UEFI)


Base profile & 3400MHz settings txt.

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