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That **** isn't even close to worth that price tag. It's stupidly unnecessary for any use at all (it doesn't have proper components for any one task, there are mismatched things that make it kind of general use which is not worth $43k), and those components together should cost nowhere near that.

Oh and it's not safe to draw 2000W from a 15A home circuit. The standard for devices that draw continuous power (as in not peak/startup power) is 1500W for wiring. 2000W is just enough that it will get your wiring dangerously hot because it's barely over the circuit breaker's threshold, which means it will take a very long time to trip. Before some neckbeard keyboard warrior thinking they know everything replies "no that's not how circuit breakers work!", yes, yes it is, look it up. Not super likely to cause fires but not by any means safe.

I'd love to see the ripple suppression on that thing, I bet it really sucks.

edit: LMAO yeah, the ripple isn't "terrible" but it's certainly nowhere near the best. You should have the absolute best on the market, no holds barred if you're paying that much. **** whatever scam artist made this thing.


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