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Quote: Originally Posted by Klopfer View Post
Naos QG ~106g
DM2 Comfy S ~94g
OK, this is a good point - unless my current mouse is already 130g or more, in which case 106g would be better for me.
I would be more comfortable with a mouse a bit (10-15g) lighter than the 5000 -which I use without weights- and of which I dont remember the weight (and don't have an accurate scale to measure it). The 8200 was 150g which was too much, but I haven't tried it.

Edit: i finally found the weight of the Naos 5000 and it seems to be the same 106g of the QG.

Therefore the Comfy S is a good alternative. While the most important thing is tracking and LOD, 10g less would do good too. The sensor being equal, it's just worse looks (also the DM logo doesn't look as good as Mionix one).

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