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2 things to think about.

1. Defective DP port - Did you buy your card new? Why didn't you do an RMA when this issue first came up?
2. Re-flash a bios to the card - This happened to an old Nvidia card I had and I flashed it (from techpowerup) and it solved the problem.

The old card that had the DP problem for me was a HOF 780 Ti card, same issue with the DP port. It would work in some instances and wouldn't work in some cases when booting. I flashed a new BIOS and it solved my issue.

My 1080 ti currently doesn't have this issue. What I do notice that happens, once in a blue moon, is my PC will not wake from sleep properly and I have to plug and unplug the monitor for my monitor to wake up. It hasn't happened in the last 4 months, but it has happened.

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