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I still need to read through the 61 pages, I only got to page 5, found myself back on this site when doing some hdd research and a forum link came up in google but all in all this was a very nice read, I wouldn't mind nabbing a cheap fx system as a backup pc. Years ago, people swore the NB/HT tweaking did nothing for FX, while admitting it did help Phenom II. Years ago, I rigged up a frankenstein cheap Phenom x6 1055t, and OC'd on a VERY sucky low end MSI board via FSB and tweaking NB, I think they claimed to leave the HT at the default 4000 on those old things, but with an hd 7870ghz edition years ago it did fine for me on most 1080p games.

I did use out of curiosity an fx 8320E with MSI Gaming 970 and 16gb 1333 ram for the end of 2016 until the middle of 2017, and it multitasked fine, I slightly OC'd it to all cores 4ghz and it'd idle down when not doing demanding stuff. I was playing lots of arma 2 day z mod and arma 3 at the time though and the fps dipped down too low, so I nabbed an i7 2600k via ebay cheap, and OC'd it to 4.4ghz, and honestly, if the z68 asus motherboard didn't suck and overheat and crash due to no VRM I'd still be using it, in my cases, it gamed and multitasked and even streamed the same as my newer ryzen 1700 pc when the 2600k was OC'd. But finding a new or good condition z68 or z77 mobo these days that isn't price gouged online isn't worth it, so last year I went ryzen 1700 with 16gb 3000mhz ram. The other day I finally OC'd this to 3.7ghz at 1.18 and it felt like a nice improvement over the slight OC to 3.2 on all cores I was doing prior. 1st gen ryzens from my reading topped out at about 4ghz if they could even reach that, so me being 300mhz lower doesn't hurt me and isn't the end of the world, I'm still on the stock cooler.

......reading what I've read, I wonder if this could have helped my low fps in the arma games. Although, I suppose fast ddr3 is needed too? It's odd fast ram seems to help these older cpu, read some on fast ram even helping sandy bridge/ivy bridge too. People years ago always swore ram speed didn't matter whatsoever and that those cpu only support 1333 or 1600 at the most anyway and anything faster was supposedly useless, same with fx on its fastest support 1866 ram, people swore spending more on 1866 ram years ago wasn't worth it for fx either really.

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