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Quote: Originally Posted by mark_thaddeus View Post
Can you set your board to disable CSM (Compatibility Support Module)? In the EVGA forums, this helped a lot of users. Not sure if legacy bios has this option on your board though.
Yeah I checked and there is no such option. It would appear that option is only available to systems with UEFI bios. My Asrock Extreme 3 X58 is not a mainstay like EVGA or ASUS. I didn;t see anything about UEFI for it

What I am now considering is if I should run MBR2GPT to change my Windows to UEFI mode but I feel like that would either not work since I am in legacy BIOS or it would work but it wouldn';t matter since my BIOS won't have the option for CSM support

I just DDU'd my card. Even in safe mode, Windows won't boot through the DP port. It had to go through HDMI. And even with DDU and removing all Nvidia drivers, it still would only load into WIndows via HDMI. Its seems an architecure thing as once agian I can see my bios via DP but nothing past that once Windows is involved
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