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Quote: Originally Posted by rluker5 View Post
That's not too bad. My Aorus Waterforce 1080tis don't even put out a display signal under legacy bios. Which my Z97 mobo defaults to with a fresh bios flash or bios reset. It's the main reason I have my old gt730 sitting in there as a PhysX card. And yes, the 1080tis have a stock vbios (but not the 730 )
My nvme pcie optane os drive also doesn't work under legacy bios. The pcie soundcard out of a mpcie/msata to pcie adapter is fine with it though.

You could set your displays to duplicate in windows display settings, try that, then change the primary (1) display. Not the best chance of working, but is free to try and has worked for me.

Maybe you are lucky and have a different hdmi input in your tv that stays real dead unless it is on and you could switch to that and turn on the hdmi after login? Or maybe you have one of those hdmi switches that you could put somewhere convenient and disconnect the signal? I'm assuming that the problem is solved if the hdmi is unplugged from the tv here.
Why do you still have legacy lol? I'd assume with your build, you can get UEFI. I would have been on UEFI if i had a newer system

And I have an OLED tv I try not to use when I don't need to cause of the burn in. Your method seems like I would need to fiddle with it in display settings whenever I need to restart. I guess its better than fiddling with cables around the back

For now What I am doing is i brought up my old Korean so now I have 3 monitors instead of 2. I will be getting a DVI to HDMI cable in the future

Btw, is it true I can't boot a GPT WIndows system in legacy bios?
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