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Quote: Originally Posted by rluker5 View Post
I do have uefi, just not by default with my Z97 Classified. Sometimes I get an impulse to mess with ram timings, or put in a different microcode, or switch a cpu, or just clean the clp under the lid, all of those have the chance of my bios forgetting that it has been set to not legacy. But it is what it is. I do like the plx chip and pcie slot layout a lot.

If setting the windows monitor priority 1 to the displayport works it will be a fix until Windows forgets it. Which would probably be when you next clean reinstall. Easy to check, just a right click on a blank part of the desktop and a few clicks from there.
And I alway let windows set up its uefi stuff when it is installing, so Idk about that legacy gpt boot stuff.
Is this different from setting one monitor as "main monitor" in Display settings?
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