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Quote: Originally Posted by rluker5 View Post
Slightly different. You can have monitor 2 be main monitor, but there might be differences. I just plugged a second monitor into this desktop and it shows the boot text on monitor 2, which is plugged into my 730, uefi bios on monitor 1 if I open it which is plugged into a 1080ti, and windows login is on monitor 1. What if you just hit space and entered your pin?
Yeah i think its the same thing.

ANyways I have verified that it is not a Nvidia thing with legacy systems. I plugged in my DVI monitor and it loads windows on it despite the HDMI connection being my main monitor.

Nvidia boot priority is VGA->DVI->HDMI->DP. can only be altered if system has UEFI bios apparently. I don't

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