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Had "problem" solved using an offset mode voltage and fixing the other parameterse just like same as the previous.
Leave ram on auto and was set as default 13-13-13-38 @ 2040mhz, 12 h HCI thank 4 h of OCCT large data. Seems to work good at the moment. Monitoring windows error and other things meanwhile playing Dota 2 and seem are better thank a pentium g3220, but i would like to make a fps comparison now against OC and stock 8320E with turbo and i would know what happen .
Now i'm complaining for 11-12-11-33 ram with a little overvolt to stock (taken quite the same timing as the "bumped up" crucial from the list working at 2100 mhz.

I've to thank you very much guys ( Minotaurtoo,cssorkinman,mattliston) cause you are still reading and helping in 2019 on this thread!
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