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Quote: Originally Posted by mirzet1976 View Post
You need to OC that FX to min 4.5GHz and beyond if you can cool it, from 4.5ghz and up FX begins to shine.
Add Voltage through + Offset
Enable C'n'Q + in Windows set Power plan to Balanced
HPC Mode - Enable
Tighten subtimings
OC FX through FSB
If U are to OC your RAM set DRAM Voltage 1.65V
CPU LLC - Ultra high
CPU Current Capability - 130
CPU/NB - II- -II- - 120
CPU Power Phase Control - Optimised
CPU Power Response Control - High
CPU/NB - I I - - Regular
CPU Power Thermal Control 140-150
DRAM Current Capability - 130
DRAM Voltage Frequency - 350
install a fan to blow on VRM

I hope this will help you with this, you have to find out how your FX and RAM behave. I had three different FX and none was the same.
Thank you very much!
Minding a NB HT link overclock, seems to give very interesting results in some games that's why i'm stuck at 4.05 ghz.
Got a fan on top hs of VRM, seems it's working good, temp on the Board (sabertooth r.2) are 40 & 45°C on VRM 1 & VRM 2 (HW INFO).
About ram, trying to OC stable @ 2050 mhz with 11-12-11-34 timings.
I'm trying to have relaxed frequencies cause i prefere less heat and more problem correlated with it.
Playing only some esport at the moment and i would like to understand if some old cpu like this can still handle or they were cutted off as some site or people said in some famous site.
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