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Updated! Ryzen R5 Unleashed - CPU & RAM OC tests

Ryzen performance comparison in different scenarios:

Dual-Channel vs Single-Channel (16GB sticks)
Manual memory OC 2933Mhz CL14 vs Default Auto Bios setting
Default Bios CPU clock vs 3.7GHz CPU OC
Games & Applications side by side
Results table and graphic

- 7-Zip
- Blender BMW 2019
- Strange Brigade DX12
- Dirt Rally DX11
- Metro Exodus DX12
- Handbrake
- Aida 64
- Forza 4 horizon
- War Thunder


1 - After 2866Mhz CL14 and forward the difference between Single-channel and Dual is minimal except for 7-Zip.
2 - For most games Memory clock and timing have more impact than dual channel against single.
3 - You can unleash up to 30% performance gains by tweaking your PC properly, that could be achieved while gaming with extra FPS (30 FPS increase in Dirt Rally!) and also while heavy working profissionally.
4 - better timing do help with performance but not as much as memory clocks.

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