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How to fix Asus Xonar STX II set up driver for windows 10 without reboot Computer

Quote: Originally Posted by senna89 View Post
Hi guy

I change my PC with an Asus X370 Pro + Ryzen 1700x.
PC run great, but i cant use my Asus Essence STX II, i pluged it and into devices manager i can see it, but when i try to install the drivers or try to update the driver the PC reboot automatically without reason.

What is this ?

- I tryed to remove and reinstall the card into the PCI-ex
- I checked if the power cable was correctly plugged
- I tryed to format the Windows and try to install Essence driver first at all but same problem ..... i run the setup of driver and .... boom !
If i go into devices manager and try to install driver manually, same thing.


After search on some forums I have found out 2 ways that can fix it, But I test the second way only and it work for my PC

A/_ 1st way

1 - GO to asus support site
2 - Download the last driver for windows 8.1:
- For example STX_8_1_8_1822_Win8_1.rar
3 - extract files and go to "WIN81" folder
4 - looking for "CmSetx.dll" file, and edit with notepad
5 - The configuration file, has 4 lines:


You need modify like this:

6 - save changes and run with administrator privileges "Setup.exe" of root driver package folder.
( Not test yet )

B/_ 2nd way
Go to Device Manager
Disable ASMedia USB 3.1
Run setup driver as Admin
Wait still it setup successful
It will ask you to restart PC
Choose " No"
Enable ASMedia USB 3.1
Now you can restart your PC

Note : This way is work for me
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