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Quote: Originally Posted by gerardfraser View Post
Sorry I am responding so late but I have not been on this forum.I also see you said you might be going with new chipset.
I will give you some information on the MSI X470 Gaming Plus performance and the motherboard works great for me.

There is BCLK overclock in BIOS.
Spread spectrum can be disabled but I have not and I run the 2600X at this moment with Offset voltage with XFR/PBO and the 2600X runs @ Max boost of 4250Mhz when gaming.

I have run the Motherboard and 2600X overclock with default setting up to 4400Mhz and Memory up to DDR4 3600Mhz.

Today I will be doing RTX 2080 SLI on this Motherboard which does not support SLI.I will also will not be using NVLink Bridge.

I also will be updating BIOS to newest 7B79vA7 and running DDR4 3600Mhz with SLI for stability testing.

Past testing on this MSI X470 Gaming Plus

Cinbench -1513/181


Videos with different clock speeds on 2600X up to-4400Mhz

DDR4 AIDA Test CL14 3200Mhz/3466Mhz/3600Mhz and CL16 3200Mhz/3466Mhz/3600Mhz
Thank you for your answer, I will postpone buying the motherboard as I bought a memory kit with a faulty module, I thought previously that B350 was the problem.
I will probably wait for an X570 or B550.

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