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Quote: Originally Posted by DR4G00N View Post
It's due to how the platform is set up, the IMC is linked to the DRAM speed. So if your running 1700MHz (DDR4-3400) memory the IMC will also run at 1700MHz. When trying to run higher speeds you need to increase the SOC voltage to keep the IMC happy, 1.10V to 1.15V will probably work for 1800MHz (DDR4-3600).
I recommend not using XMP on those higher speed kit's and to set them manually instead.

This should probably work alright for b-die.
3600 @ CL14-14-14-14-34 tRC 40 1T w/ 1.5V VDIMM & Gear down mode: Enabled
If this works then you can of course reduce the VDIMM to a more comfortable level if you wish, though 1.5V is not going to hurt anything.

Alright, thanks for the help. I will try it out over the weekend when I have time and see if I get lucky and post the results. Thanks!
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