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Quote: Originally Posted by MrTOOSHORT View Post
Nice scores MrFox, when they are that big they call you mister!

I see you are using the aorus extreme bios. I'm going to try the same and see how it goes. Thanks for your findings in the 2080ti shunt mod thread.
Thanks, and you're welcome. Yes, out of all (and I have tested a ton of them) the Aorus Extreme vBIOS seems to be doing the best job of holding the wimpy 1.093V 2080 Ti voltage max. It looks like it is working well for you, too. Oddly enough, some of them with the highest power limits really suck at holding voltage and clock speeds. My stock XC2 firmware, FTW3 and Aorus Extreme all do a better job for me than the Galax HOF vBIOS.

Edit: Hey, awesome, the +rep button is finally back. I'm already using it. Sure have been a lot of times that I wanted to give rep and could not.

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