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I have a M4A89GTD PRO (same bios versions, 3029 was last released with beta bulldozer support under AM3 - few boards were capable as these) running an OC'd 965 that does something similar. It probably has to do with requiring a reboot after first initialization to set stuff like nb speed or other roms (even my X470-F does it, but completely turns off fans in the process). When I had a ODD installed that would make a tray noise when starting, on a cold boot I'd hear it twice (instead of once) before POST showed up on screen.

That sata port page is ok, it works like that to show what sata 5-6 are detecting when they are set to legacy IDE mode separately from 1-4 in AHCI, as they aren't initialized (and devices listed) on the ahci rom anymore. With all ports set to ahci, it won't show any drive in there.
If you go to BOOT menu> Hard Disk Drives you'll see the remaining detected drives when you press enter in one of the ordered entries (ignore the "IDE" prefix that will show).

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