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Threadripper firestrike issues.

So first things first, take a peak at these 3 firestrike scores.




So one test was my friends pc at 4.1 with 3000 ram and 2050 or so gpu core clock
The next was like 4.15 with 3200 ram and like 1950 gpu core.
3rd one was lower cpu and gpu clocks with slower ram also.

I've found many firestrikes where the posted scores showed slower cpu and gpu and ram clocks for the exact same hardware, even the same mobo. The physics and graphics scores on these tests would be lower, but for some reason my friends combined score is stuck in the 6000-6500 range where it should be around 9-10 k as shown in the above test. I have tried faster and slower ram speeds no real difference (+/- 200) in combined score, nothing that could ever hope of making up 3500 combined. The listed tests above prove that 1920x's can get higher combined scores, there are many other examples then just those. I thought at first it was one was done on win 7 and the other on win 10, people have said that it has something to do with windows scheduler in win 10, then again I've found 9 k + combined scores on win 10 machines so that theory went out the window. Thoughts?
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