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Quote: Originally Posted by hotak View Post
So you say it's an instability at high frequency, not in idle, i tought the opposite because i cannot get it to crash on OCCT, any memtest or during gaming, but with offset at -0.1 it used to crash in idle sometimes.
Will try to simply increase LLC without touchuing voltage and then increase voltage with LLC 5 and see wich one solves the problem without sacrificing max frequency too much.

Do you think it's also worth to test changes with RAM and SoC or is most likely a vcore issue? RAM is stable with 2h memtest, but 3266 CL14 out of a quoted 3600 CL19 might not be the most safe setting.
After some more experimenting, it seems that i have to stay with an offset >-0.08v to be stable, still get some fake boots from time to time, but no more getting stuck during windows loading or crashes.
Cinebench gets me a nice 1459, a little less than what i managed with -0.1v offset, but i think it's ok, will try experimenting with vSoC to see if i can lower it a bit too to reduce temperatures and consumption, since in idle hwinfo misures about 7-10w of SoC consumption, making up almost 90% of the total CPU consumption.
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