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IMHO, this board is not the best Z390 board out there. I have lived with this board for about a month, now. It is much more show than go. Do not believe the hype. This board will not improve your scores or overclocking. My scores went lower on this board and was not able to clock what my other board was able to clock at. Your Pro's for this board are Unique layout, which if you are using a PC case, may find it very difficult to work around the 90 degree connectors, the Vrm design, and temperature. What about performance? That is what this board is being advertised as for performance and for "Extreme Overclockers." Running this board with an AIO for testing and imply that if better cooling was used this board may improve performance? Of course it may. Where are the bench test results from people with this board? It would seem some people would love to show off some scores if the board produces as advertised. This board runs fine on a modest overclock. That's it. It's a good board. Nothing special except the nice VRM design and the Unique layout, which sounds cool in theory. As for price, it is not worth 500USD, unless charging this much because other board companies are charging about this much for they're top tier board, than yeah. Extreme Overclockers need not apply, nor enthusiast for that matter. I had really high hopes and lots of time spent on this board and it did not deliver. It does look cool and I really like the DARK Z390 image at post and other things.

The information about overclocking in this review is much more impressive than the board itself.

edit: This a very well put together review, thank you

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