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Quote: Originally Posted by Jpmboy View Post
you guys are finding that the Aurous Extreme bios is working better on the 2080TiFE than say... the Galax bios?
Yes, for me that is definitely the case for my 2080 Ti XC2 Ultra GPU. I have shunt modded my 2080 Ti, so the Galax firmware's higher power limit is irrelevant. The problem I had with the Galax HOF firmware (before and after the shunt mod) is that it sucks at holding the voltage at the 1.093V max and I still saw tons of PerfCap reasons in GPU-Z and it was not holding clocks under load. With the EVGA XC2, FTW3 and Aorus Extreme firmware, I have no PerfCaps showing and all three allow me to lock the voltage at 1.093V permanently. I can get one bin higher on the core overclock with the Aorus Extreme vBIOS for some reason, and the higher base clocks are nice when I am gaming with default core and memory clock speeds.

Using the Aorus Extreme firmware it is also more convenient to push the memory overclock higher with MSI Afterburner because the +1000 offset is starting with a higher default memory clock. If I use EVGA Precison X1 I can clock the memory just as high, but locking the voltage is not as effective as it is with MSI Afterburner.

What we really need is a vBIOS for 2080 Ti that was like the Strix XOC vBIOS for 1080 Ti with a 1.200V limit. This 1.093V limit on 2080 Ti really blows.

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