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Quote: Originally Posted by deepor View Post
The Abyssus didn't work for you?

Check out the CM "Xornet II". It's a really strange shape and very short and I remember I thought the mouse was unusually flat. I don't know if it's still sold.

You could try to find a really small mouse so that only fingertip grip works. There are a clones of the "Logitech Mini" shape from Chinese and Korean brands, but I don't know what names to search for and where to get them.
Im using the Abyssus at the momment. Great for web broswing, but makes my fingers clenched when playing, i guess because of tension when claw gripping. So im not sure of using this smaller mouse.

It's the very first Abyssus, so the dimensions are smaller than the Abyssus released after.

Checked the CM Xornet II, but the thread here in OCN didn't had good opinions about this mouse:
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