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Quote: Originally Posted by thagabe View Post

I have a LiqTech II rgb whatever CPU cooler. I was wondering, in your opinion, should I run my cpu at 3.9 all core or let amd do it's thing? I compile openwrt and do dev on arch linux (I use arch btw) but also dual boot windows for gaming. I have the 1950x. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by thagabe View Post

Can you comment on my specific situation:
Chose to set everything auto as i upgraded from your 1601 to 1701. Changed a few non-vital options (LED, boot order, etc). Booted windows and was literally just unzipping a 7zip when the pc locked up and rebooted????

Went into the option and set my previous settings
[39 multiplier]
[disabled all the spread+ enhancements]
[DOCP 14-14-14-34]
[CPU core 1.35V]
[CPU SOC 1.1125]
[went to digi+ and upped the current % from 100% ->140%]
[tweaker's paradise: turned off MI Skew]

booted back into windows and unzipped again...no lock up and everything is relatively normal.

Why would auto lead to such a bad case vs manual?

You'll have to test setting by setting to see what caused the lock-up, I don't know what was changed in the latest BIOS releases. If your loads are primarily single or few-threaded, stick with defaults + XFR. If they're heavily multi-threaded go for the 3.9 GHz all-core setting.
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