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Quote: Originally Posted by mahN4 View Post
The core performance boost option is indeed CH6, CH7 feature, but the performance enhancer is also preset on the Asus Strix X470-F. So there is no option to mod this to x370-F Strix?

Or does the "Precision Boost Overdrive Scalar"(which you already unlocked on many x370 boards) just do what the performance enhancer does:

(from elmor)

Level 1

PPT Limit = 1000W
TDC Limit = 1000A
EDC Limit = 150A
Customized Precision Overdrive (Scalar) = 10X

Level 2

PPT Limit = 1000W
TDC Limit = 1000A
EDC Limit = 1000A
Customized Precision Overdrive (Scalar) = 10X

Level 3 (OC)

Tweak from The Stilt which disables the power and current calculation, you might see the SMU calculated power/current in HWInfo showing 0 when using it.

Level 4 (OC)

The tweak from The Stilt + Level 2 XFR2 settings. I think Level 4 is way higher than most will be able to run, typically yielding something like 4.35G 1T and 4.30G nT frequency.

Are the "The Stilt tweaks" just "Precision Boost Overdrive Scalar" settings or are these individual settings, which can we also change?
I have the asus rog strix x470-f gaming but whit the amd ryzen 5 2600 they don't work... I don't think on the x370 they work.
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