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Quote: Originally Posted by tatmMRKIV View Post
IMPORTANT NOTE: EVGA e-leet is the only way to monitor voltages everything else does VID

Id say to throw cinebench r15 and geekbench in there, as well as XTU(since evga themselves said thats what you should test stability on on this board)
cinebench is really a really good quick test that will help you chasedown the vcore you need.
geekbench3 modded to 64bit is also very good.
I find if you can't pass these you won't be long term stable. if you can you almost definitely will be.. also they take alot less time then you can try your long benches

And I dont know why anyone recommends P95 its hitter than every other test and I can't see anyone outside of editing and hardcore computing that would run into those situations... I mean you can get an additional multi usually if you ignore prime95... it doesn't make you more stable... if anything it degrades your IMC on this Gen because they arent supposed to be exposed to extreme heat

VCCSA and vccio were 1.4vdmm and 1.42vdmm for trident royale 4600
Hey, thank you for commenting here. Love to interact with you guys and appreciate the feedback. I am going to update the article becuase I did get 4000MHz with 1.4V at 18-20-20-44 timings.

I am also going to add in cinebench runs and may move away from these hotter tests. I cruelly have been using PowerMax by CPUID nd like that but it also run hot.

It good when people actually comment on what tests they want to see rather than complain with no suggestions.

E-Leet is not fully functional for me as a platform. I can open it and monitor stuff just fine but it freezes my PC anytime to make any voltage adjustments.

Has nothing to do with my overclock. It happens at stock too. I feel the latest UEFI BIOS may have some bugs to work out.

I have VDROOP set close to max (75%) with little drop and my VCore and VID shoot past what I manually set. With 1.25V I see 1.28 under load. It’s acting like adaptive even though I set manually. There is a disable VDROOP but I havn’t tested what that actually does. Seems it may actually allow a static voltage but I havn’t tried it yet.

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